Gli accordi di Headlights di Robin Schulz Feat. Ilsey per chitarra

MI7  SI                SOL#m
Oh     I know why you chasing
         FA#  SI
all the headlights
MI7  SI                  SOL#m
Oh    'cause you always tryina
      FA#      SI
get ahead of light
baby when you go
SI                 SOL#m
You know I'll be waiting on the
FA#     SI
other side
and I'm always cold
    SI                SOL#m
but if you stay then I could keep you
FA#       SI
warm at night
MI             SI
  don't be a fool
for the city lights
MI              SI
  I know it's cool
but it's only light
MI            SI
  baby with you
I can never lie
MI            SI
  don't go chasing
all the headlights
Oh I could feel the beating of your heart on drum
Oh don't know if I'm dreaming or if you have gone
every time you go
Hits me like a bullet from a golden gun
Yeah I know it's cold
but if you stay then I could keep you warm at night
don't be a fool for the city lights
I know it's cool but it's only light
baby with you I can never lie
So don't go chasing all the headlights